FANTM-RiDE Features

The FANTM-RiDE System provides the following salient features to enable it to be
"phantom-like" to the launch vehicle (LV) and primary space vehicle (SV) providers:


Enclosing one or more rideshare spacecraft in a single dispenser
• Open architecture allows for creative manifesting of rideshares
• Akin to "USPS Flat Rate Box™
• Reduces risk to LV/Primary SV providers of debris in event of smallsat break-up
• Simple and clean bolted interface to any acceptable LV/adaptor slot

Mass Tuning

Manipulating mass and center of gravity (CG) of dispenser
• Allows for a single coupled loads analysis for the group of rideshares
• Completely decouples mission integration timeline of rideshare SVs
from the Primary mission

• Allows for rideshares to enter/leave manifest later in the schedule

Stand Alone System

Self-sufficient architecture that requires little from the LV provider
while providing commodities to sustain rideshare spacecraft

• Simple LV interface: Requires only separation signal from LV
• Each dispenser has independent sequencers, batteries, telemetry, on-board video, etc.

Total Mission Integration

Total "concept-to-orbit" solution set, allowing for rideshare providers to come
to the mission with just their spacecraft

• Complete mission integration, to include concept development, requirements
definition/verification, documentation, clearances (e.g., Range Safety, FCC,
FAA, etc.), analyses, test, integration, launch and deployment operations

• Dispenser hardware, to include attachment/deployment mechanisms and support
components (e.g., batteries, video, telemetry, etc.)

• Launch manifesting/brokering, to include finding of other rideshares, determining
viable launches, and contracting with LV and/or SV providers

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